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    Saturday, April 23, 2005

    republican hypocrisy

    I was watching TV yesterday and managed to catch a bit of Washington Journal on C-SPAN. One of the discussions was about the judicial branch and it's right to make decisions like Roe v. Wade. I always feel for the hosts of the program because they have to put up with some real idiots, but one caller took the cake as far as who has been watching a little to much Fox News. He called in and stated that he didn't support the rights of the Supreme Court to rule on cases like Roe v. Wade. Of course the host turned it around beautifully asking about rulings such as Bush v. Gore. As I expected, the caller strongly supported the 2000 ruling despite his previous proclamation that this is supposed to be "a government for the people, by the people." Oh the hypocrisy!

    Friday, April 22, 2005


    Yes, I know this movie came out some time ago, but I know tons of people who have never heard of Outfoxed. This is the price I pay for living in a city that Clear Channel calls home. Anyway, if you haven't seen how Fox News is turning America inside out with deception and misinformation, than you need to see Outfoxed!

    Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    ashamed to be texan

    This is certainly not the first time I have been ashamed to consider myself a Texan. There was the redistricting flap, and of course we are responsible for such jackasses as Tom DeLay and John Cornyn. And now, this piece of legislation marks yet another day when I yearn to live a state where the capitol is not dominated by a load of bigots.
    Texas could become the only state to bar gays from becoming foster parents under legislation passed Wednesday by the House.

    The ban is part of a bill to revamp the state's Child Protective Services agency. It passed 135-6 with two abstentions and now heads to the Senate.
    Now that's some lone star hate.

    freeway blogger would be proud

    Monday, April 18, 2005


    On Hillary Clinton, the AP tells us...
    She is leading in the polls for her party's White House nod in 2008. Republican Newt Gingrich ranks her as a formidable presidential candidate. Longtime critics are amassing money and manpower to derail her political career.
    But wait, not so fast!
    And all Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to talk about is her re-election bid next year. "'06, '06, '06," the New York Democrat chuckled when asked recently about her presidential ambitions.
    Mixed emotions here people. It would be great for Hillary to get into the 2008 election, but we need someone like her on The Hill. I'm I right?

    Sunday, April 17, 2005


    Hope there where no parties while I was gone. I had to head up to Washington for a few days on personal business, but managed to do some sticking to the man. Does anyone else ever feel that weird evil feeling when passing Tom DeLay's office? See you tomorrow!

    Where Are Those "Culture of Lifers" Now?

    Iraqi children are being exposed to deadly - and preventable - diseases because of contaminated water.

    "Our people are drinking water either directly from rivers or wells, even the so-called treated water or clean water is not actually clean," says Mr Misocni.

    "It is contaminated with sewage water."

    And that means children, in particular, are getting sick.

    Where are all the protestors who stood outside Terri Schiavo's hospital wailing about how she's being murdered? Are they now standing outside town halls, governor's mansions and the White House wailing about this issue? Doubtful. The dying aren't white women in consistent states of vegitation. Or they just live too far away and who cares about Iraqi children anyway, right?

    Just making a point.

    It's been fun playing house again with Suburban Nomad - hope I didn't bore y'all too much. See ya in the blogosphere!

    Now that all posts are old and moldy, you're more than welcome to steal what you want. Email me

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