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    Saturday, April 16, 2005

    Not That The Nuts Will Believe Them...

    But the Department of Children and Families found no evidence to suggest that Michael Shiavo ever abused or neglected his wife, nor was there any evidence/witnesses to back up her parents' claim that he ever said he couldn't wait for her to die so he would be rich (or variations on that theme).

    This very agency filed an 11th hour appeal alleging abuse back in 2003. Judge Greer ordered investigation records to be released, which, oddly enough, appears to show Michael Shiavo to be a very caring husband.
    The DCF said its investigation found Michael Schiavo to be a loving spouse who cared deeply about his wife.

    "The staff involved with her care stated the spouse is always courteous and is rarely alone with the patient," the 2003 report found.

    "There is no supporting documentation that the spouse ever made statements about 'Is the bitch ever going to die?' or 'When will the bitch die because I will be rich.'"

    A DCF report from a year earlier said Michael Schiavo had no access to hundreds of thousands of dollars awarded to his wife from a medical malpractice suit.

    "He is only the guardian of person and the financial guardian is a banking institution. All expenditures are authorized by the court and [Michael Schiavo] has no control over them," it said.

    So, do you think he may have ACTUALLY BEEN DOING ALL HE DID ON HER BEHALF? I wonder if all those happy little idiots to emailed me or left a comment that "HE ABUSED HER! HE'S OUT TO GET HER MONEY! HE IS EVIL!" will dismiss this agency's investigation findings or if they will change their tune a little?

    It must be difficult to change someone's opinion on such an emotional subject. I mean, think of all those people who projected their own beliefs onto this shell of a woman... all those who grasped at anything that might help keep her breathing carcass going. So many of them pointed to the allegations of abuse, which have now been dismissed. He's not getting a big cash settlement, he never said he couldn't wait for "the bitch to die", and staff members who cared for her all stated he was a loving, caring husband. There is no other motive to let her die than to abide by HER WISHES.

    PS: I am still coming down from my CNN high. I appreciate all the emails of congratulations, and yes, I am working on getting a copy of the piece for the site (should have something by next weekend). I found it kind of amusing that they pointed to my site where I discussed another website - they could have left me out of it completely and just focused on the Phil A. Buster site. But hey, MoxieGrrrl was on CNN :)

    Friday, April 15, 2005

    Where Are The Democrats???

    Crossposted at

    While Republicans have been pushing to change the way "checks and balances" are supposed to work (remember that from your 3rd Grade Social Studies class?), non-supporters have been working quickly and quietly to make sure those checks and balances remain in place.

    One such effort came from the Alliance for Justice, who created a simple animation designed to teach the public about what's happening without resorting to empassioned, heartstring tugging. It is reminiscent of SchoolHouse Rock's "I'm Just A Bill", but without the catchy tune. Check out the animation here at If Alliance for Justice had even a fraction of the money the Democratic party has, it could get this animation out to hundreds of thousands, if not millions more people.

    The problem is that the Democratic party needs to step up to the plate and fight just as dirty and Republicans do. The GOP got bitchslapped by the public for Tom DeLay's antics, for getting too involved in Terri Schiavo, for Cornyn's apparent endorsement of violence against judges. Dems need to get off their asses and get to work here. The GOP platform is cracking under the strain of egos clamoring for the top of the popularity pyramid and are resorting to slaughtering off the wounded. Where are the Dems to show a united front, all working together to make sure the public's interests are taken care of and educating those who still haven't heard what morons these people are being?

    Thursday, April 14, 2005

    Time For A 'Caption This!'

    You know the drill, my darlings :) What is Bush saying/thinking in THIS photo?

    Oww! Oww, Stop! My Sides Hurt!

    Hey there, friends and neighbors! I'm back to wreck the joint while Ljly's away in DC.

    Sauntered over to Bill O'Lielly's website after Media Matters caught him in another blatant fib, and nearly fell off my chair laughing.

    Get this! His email newsletter? It's called "The Spin Stops Here" - BWAHAHAHA! Ouch! My stomach!

    I decided not to submit my email address to receive such inane rantings, although I'm sure a weekly dose of such ridiculousness would help keep my stomach muscles ripped. Perhaps ol' "Falafel Sex" Bill should start marketing it as a weight management program.

    THAT'S IT! I've hit the new fad exercise!
    • Learn to breathe deeply when gasping at Bush's audacity!
    • Run further and faster than ever before from the retardedness of MSM on TV!
    • Strengthen and tone your stomach muscles by laughing at GOP pundits and spin monkeys!
    • Weight train by practicing to toss your computer out a window (additional purchase of new computers may be necessary depending on rage level)!
    But that's not all!

    If you act now, you will receive the bonus lesson: Learn to project your voice by yelling at the asshattery of people like Tom DeLay and JeffJamesGannonGuckert!

    Order within the next 15 minutes and we'll throw in a free copy of Bill O'Reilly's work of fiction, Those Who Trespass - Look out! A killer is on the loose, and wants revenge. Television executives and correspondents are his prey. Can New York City Detective Tommy O'Malley crack the case - or will he be scooped by sultry tabloid reporter Ashley van Buren? And do they have more in common than a knack for solving crimes? Find out...

    Damn, if you could only see how fantastic my abs look after reading that book description. Later kids!

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    d.c. bound

    Headed to D.C. and I won't be back until Sunday. Moxie Grrrl said she might stop by so NO PARTIES!

    the so called liberal media

    When in danger, blame it on the liberal media. Hey, it's working for Tom DeLay as Fox News, Bill O'Reilly and others are brushing off his ethics infringements as a smear from the left. Last week, John Gibson stated...
    "The liberal media is hammering 'The Hammer' -- Tom DeLay under a microscope and under the gun. Is this simply a media hit job?"
    Alright people, in between the Pope watch on CNN and Bill O'Reilly uttering the term "shut up" ad nauseam, I would say that this story hasn't been covered enough. The most powerful man in the House could also be one of the most crooked and we're not worried about this!? The media was chopping away at Clinton and that blue dress yet when the Republicans take control, but now, their moral outrage seems to have sunken away. It's time for some real news.

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005


    I can hardly wait for the 2008 election! Why? It'll be fun! Especially if Newt Gingrich runs!
    Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) will spend two days in New Hampshire next week to meet editorial boards and conservative activists, convincing several of his former House colleagues that he will run for the presidency in 2008.
    This could be fun! It'll be like a cakewalk! If Clinton got pounded for his affair, just imagine what will happen to him. He'll be smothered by all his political baggage! Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Georgia) told The Hill...
    “Newt is a brilliant guy, like Bill Clinton in many ways, complete with some tragic flaws of his own,”
    Gingrich has got way to much to work with.

    Monday, April 11, 2005

    closed caption

    Horrible pun. Anyway, it's been a while since a good "caption it".

    Here, Dubya (left) is giving Aerial Sharon a tour of the Crawford Ranch. Question! Why, Mr. President, do you have nothing better to do than show the leader of Israel the fishin' whole?

    the mole

    After Rick Santorum's statements concerning DeLay's ethics controversy, one can only wonder if DeLay is becoming some sort of mole for the Republican Party. It's unsightly and they want to remove it. Today, for example, Rep. Christopher Shay (R-Connecticut) told the AP...
    "Tom's conduct is hurting the Republican Party, is hurting this Republican majority and it is hurting any Republican who is up for re-election,"
    "My party is going to have to decide whether we are going to continue to make excuses for Tom to the detriment of Republicans seeking election,"
    So what's next for DeLay? Will his Republican counter-parts push him to face prosecution? Could he be blacklisted? Could the exterminator be exterminated? Sounds like that's not out of the question for some in his own party.

    Sunday, April 10, 2005

    et tu, rick?

    Rick Santorum is actually, believe it or not, standing up for justice. Well, kind of. He is encouraging Tom DeLay to answer questions concerning his questionable ethics. Today, on ABC Santorum said...
    "I think he has to come forward and lay out what he did and why he did it and let the people then judge for themselves,"
    Wow. I didn't expect to hear that out of Santorum's mouth! While the Senator believes firmly that DeLay did nothing wrong, at least he is calling for him to explain himself. DeLay was later quoted as saying, "Et tu, Rick?"

    squeezing the middle class

    George has tried everything to boost his approval rating, and if you remember, he once announced a tax cut. It's a nice phrase, but nothing more as it only benefited a small percentage of wealthy Americans. Now taxes could rise, but of course, they will put a strong squeeze on the middle class. NYTimes writes...
    Baffling in its complexity and often bizarre in its impact, the alternative minimum tax is a giant undeclared tax increase that will ensnare tens of millions of moderate-income families in the next several years.
    Sneaky. And it will wring in billions for the federal government while affecting eighteen million households. That's not a lot, but look where it is coming from! Dubya, the friend of middle America, what a joke.

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