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    Saturday, March 26, 2005

    recovering from a limbaughtomy

    Rush is an idiot, but is always good for a laugh for that very reason. I found on Media Matters, on the twenty-third, he posed this "question" to his listeners...

    LIMBAUGH: A question for those of you who are our friends on the left. Just answer it honestly to yourself: How many of you want Terri Schiavo to die simply because some Christian conservatives want her to live? How many of you have rejoiced when a death row inmate has been saved because of later investigation into DNA? Do you want Terri Schiavo to die because some Christian conservatives want her to live? Is that it?


    Could it be -- and I suspect this is the real answer -- could it be that you have been so pent up with rage and frustration over the Christians in this country?

    You just hated the success of The Passion of the Christ. You hated the outpouring of support for that movie, you just despise the red-state, hayseed, holy-roller crowd that you think is steamrollering the country.

    Maybe this is just payback; you want this woman to die because Christian conservatives want her to live. And, since you don't like Christian conservatives so much you want them to be disappointed. You want them to find out what it's like to be on the losing side.

    You want them to find out what it's like to not get away with everything they want just because they're Christians. Is that it? Does it really have nothing to do with Terri Schiavo; does it have solely to do with the fact that you want payback?

    No, it's because I'm under the impression that Terri Schiavo had expressed that she would not want to be kept alive artificially. I don't hate Christians, I'm one too. My views are not purposely the exact opposite of the "Christian right". I never saw the Passion of the Christ, so I have no reason to oppose it. This is one of the reasons you are so widely hated, Rush, you insist on putting each and every liberal in the same boat. It turns out Scarborough (you know, that pasty white guy?) feels the same way...
    Why is that the same activists who fight to save the whales, the spotted owls, and a snail darter, for God's sake, sit quietly by while the U.S. government helps kill Terri Schiavo? Why do we see the visceral reaction by leftist organizations to the attempts to save Terri Schiavo's life? Do these liberals really hate George Bush so much? And that's all you ever hear about, George Bush. You never hear about Terri Schiavo.

    But do they hate George Bush so much that they are cheering for Terri's death only because the president of the United States and his brother are fighting for Terri's life?

    Once again, Terri is not an animal! She expressed in words, something an animal cannot do, that she does not want to be kept alive artificially! Thus, we are trying to fulfill her wishes and if you pricks would get out of the way and stop insisting that no one would want to die, we could do what poor Ms Schiavo wants!


    Photo: AP
    Now that's a good use for duck tape, Tom Ridge. They finally shut up!

    Friday, March 25, 2005

    how low can they go?

    In reading the New York Times today, I came across this article concerning how the Republicans have turned Terri Schiavo into a religious issue just like everything else. In the piece, Raymond Arroyo, a news director at Eternal Word Television Network states...
    ``You have a collusion of events that I think only the spiritually blind would ignore,'' Arroyo said. ``It's not hard to see the similarities between the pope and what Terri Schiavo is going through, to some extent, and the sufferings of Christ that we commemorate Good Friday.''
    Yes, we who oppose the reinsertion of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube are so much like the ancient Romans who persecuted and later crucified Christ. One question, Mr Arroyo, how low can you go? Then again, I guess I'm just spiritually blind.

    photo op friday

    Got a head ache, George? What's your caption?

    Thursday, March 24, 2005

    a democracy, in theory

    Oh what a fascist state this nation is becoming! However, all signs of democracy have not been lost as prisoners of war held at Guantanamo Bay are now actually getting trials. Who would have thought that people would get trials in a democracy? As the NY Times reports...
    A 30-year-old Sudanese prisoner listened with barely concealed anger on Tuesday and slouched deeper into his seat as an Air Force officer told a military panel why the man remained a threat to the United States and should not be released from the prison camp here.
    A step in the right direction, but wait, there's more!
    The prisoner never heard some of the evidence against him because it was deemed classified and was given to the court in secret. He disputed some of the charges, such as that he had participated in a prison riot in Afghanistan, and argued that it was legal for him to have traveled there.
    That's right, we may be having trials but they seem to be rather crooked to me! Okay, sure, he's a terrorist (seems like something for a court to decide) but if we are going to start spreading democracy and justice, we should apply it to everyone (if we did that though, Dubya wouldn't have a job). I'm sure someone like Rush would assert that anyone who wants suspected terrorists to have trials is a traitor, but if you're really an American, you would firmly belive in each in every persons right to a swift and just trial, whether they are a citizen or not. So now can I just say that Dubya and all his other cronies are fascists?

    Wednesday, March 23, 2005

    sticks and stones

    Bush seems to be getting rowdy in his battle to completely destroy Social Security. He stated today that "There will be bad political consequences for people who are unwilling to sit down and talk about the issue." Sure, he did say he just wants to talk, but if he wanted to do that, he would have called off his henchmen at USA Next long ago! Do I detect a hint of that Cheney "be afraid" strategy? It doesn't matter because, as the polls show, these petty attacks are failing. According to
    In the CNN/USA Today/Gallup survey of 909 adult Americans taken Friday through Sunday, 40 percent approved of President Bush's approach to Social Security and 53 percent disapproved. The question had a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.
    So, to you President Bush, I say sticks and stones may break our bones but political threats will never hurt us.

    Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    thank you, jon

    The Schiavo controversy is such a messy one, most of the mess the result of the shameful partisan politics being played at Teri's expense. I've heard opinions from some of the most distinguished political analysts on this issue, but the best comes from where else, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Here, Jon Stewart explains the scenario and in this "interview" with Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show cuts the Republicans in Congress (DeLay, Frist and other such slime bags in particular) down to size. Thank you Jon! Thank you so much for putting this "issue" in perspective the way you only can!

    Monday, March 21, 2005

    usa next is back

    I just got an email from Democracy for America, here are some snippets...
    A couple of weeks ago a right-wing front group called "USA Next" made national news when it started its anti-Social Security campaign with a bigoted, hateful ad. Immediately, tens of thousands of DFA grassroots supporters created a backlash so strong that USA Next spent the next few weeks licking its wounds.
    But now they're back. USA Next is set to go on the air with its political hate speech in the next two weeks.
    Their latest project: producing distorted polls to generate news coverage and "evidence" of support for their privatization agenda. It's part of a coordinated effort by corporate interests and conservative ideologues to wage a multi-front war on Social Security.
    A frightening prophecy but DFA is taking action. You can petition media outlets not to air these faulty polls. Of course, Fox is ahead of the game, already airing this crap, but fake news is what they do best. Here is the petition and I'll be posting more info as it comes along.
    MMFA: Hume presents false poll by COMPASS (pro-privatization group)

    another rush limbaughtomy

    Quoth the jerk...
    If you put together a video of ANWR, you would see nothing but snow and rock. It is no place anybody's ever going to go. The wildlife that lives there wishes it didn't, but it's too stupid to figure out how to move anywhere. They don't have moving vans sent to their places like people in Philadelphia do when they want to get out of someplace. This is absolutely absurd.
    Wow. Rush Limbaugh knows the creatures at ANWR so well, that he can speak for them and their displeasure with their current living environment. But of course, Rush also knows that their so stupid that they could never get out of their snow covered waste land. Then again, the scariest part of this whole, deranged lie is that someone probably used it in debate with a Democrat that very evening. Well, I have to keep packing my bags if I'm ever going to make it to Canada by tomorrow.

    Sunday, March 20, 2005

    Hunting for a Director

    From the Humane Society:

    Today, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) expressed its strong disappointment that Interior Secretary Gale Norton has named Matthew J. Hogan to be acting director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    Norton announced the appointment yesterday, following last week's resignation of Director Steve Williams. Hogan was formerly the chief lobbyist for Safari Club International (SCI), an extreme trophy hunting organization that advocates the killing of rare species around the world.

    "Having a Safari Club lobbyist in charge, even temporarily, of the federal agency that is supposed to protect endangered species is precisely the wrong course to pursue for any Administration," said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS. "Someone with a true wildlife conservation ethic, not an allegiance to the trophy hunting industry, should be nominated by President Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate for the permanent director position as soon as possible."

    Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate a good recipe for Groundhog

    or Cream Muskrat Casserole

    but seriously, I can't see why the agenda of SCI should get propped to the top of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. I mean, they promote elephant hunting.

    At least we don't have wild elephants in America.

    By the way, there's always THIS guy for the Director job at Fish and Wildlife if Hogan doesn't pan out...

    Double Dead Gonzo!

    Today I'll Be Your Server

    Just a brief note of introduction: I'm PSoTD, and Ljly asked me to hang out a bit here today with a few posts. This is the first time anyone's asked me to help out like this, thanks Ljly, I appreciate the invite!

    I'm going to start with a bit of a reprint from a few months ago, but it's timely, since Congress bamboozled the news media into dominating the news with their coverage of steroids in baseball this past week...

    How many times does major league baseball have to prove that it does not deserve separate treatment from government than other professional sports leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, NHL...

    I'm sick of politicians using the exemption as a crowbar to get baseball to do what it should. Why? Because baseball has been in the position now, for years, of waiting for political pressure before doing things right by their customers. It's a dance by the players and the owners. We saw it with the strikes, we saw it with the "contraction issue", and we see it today with the issue of steroids. They want Congress to serve as the arbiter of their disagreements. I, for one, am sick of that.

    You know what Congress is? It is the de facto Commissioner of Baseball on these issues. The owners and the players don't have to compromise, they know they can wait until Congress rings the bell before coming to class to work things out. The antitrust exemption destroys any chance of having a strong Commissioner of Baseball anymore, because of how the process works.

    Either get rid of the antitrust exemption for Major League Baseball, or give it to any professional sport that comes down the pike.

    And another thing - the news media has to be smarter about how they cover these issues. Everytime Congress drags major league baseball in front of committee, ESPN and the sports shows cover them, which makes sense. But it's like it is a challenge to CNN and MSNBC and other cable news outlets - they feel they have to cover the same event in almost as full of detail. It happened during the contraction issue a few years ago, and it happened last week.

    Congress knows this. They are completely playing the media for photo ops. The news media has to quit being stupid or complicit or both on these matters. There are more important news stories out there.

    Now that all posts are old and moldy, you're more than welcome to steal what you want. Email me

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