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    Saturday, February 12, 2005

    poll dancing

    AP-Ipsos Public Affairs has come out with a new poll. Here are some of the results:
    Strongly Republican.....17%
    Moderately Republican.....22%
    Moderately Democrat.....30%
    Strongly Democrat...22%
    Wow. The number of people who say they are strongly Democrat outnumber those who say they are strongly Republican. It is also outside the margin of error (3.4%). That's good news.
    Also, here is a graph from the poll...

    Read all the data here!

    here's a thinker

    Now here is a thinker, which is the lesser of two evils? Donald Rumsfeld (above left), was on the board of a company that sold nukes to North Korea, which he is now calling a terrorist state. Hypocrite. Then again, Saddam Hussein (above right, just wanted to make sure you knew which one was which) gassed Kurds and attempted to commit genocide against them. On the other hand, it's not like those things didn't happen Rummy's watch. Wow. This is a question that's gonna' have me up all night!

    bush: be afraid!

    The AP:
    President Bush warned Saturday that if Congress does not act now to overhaul Social Security, the choices ahead will be harsh and painful. He repeated his call to add private accounts to the system.
    It sounds like Bush is using the Cheney approach, which is of course to scare everyone crap less. Sooner or later, he is going to try and convince us that if we don't do away with Social Security, bin Laden will attack us again.

    Thursday, February 10, 2005

    the crisis

    When Bush made an unsuccessful run for Congress almost thirty years ago, he told voters that Social Security would be bust in ten years. What did he propose? He wanted to essentially privatize SS, giving Americans the opportunity to invest their retirement savings in Wall Street. Twenty-seven years after making this prophecy, Social Security is still distributing money to the retired, disabled and others. One week ago, the President said the same thing. Why should we beleive him? Come on, the man said the same thing in the seventies!

    Wednesday, February 09, 2005

    pulling a cheney

    Dick Cheney, way back when, opposed making MLK Day a holiday, now a local San Antonio school recently announced the possible destruction of apparently "low key" holidays such as Martin Luther King Day. What pricks. They defend their decision by stating that students should learn about these holidays rather than spend the day at home. That's makes sense but after all, it is a federal holiday. What do you think?

    Tuesday, February 08, 2005

    mideast leaders declare truce

    BBC News reports:
    The Palestinian leader and Israeli prime minister declare a truce amid hopes of a "new era of peace".
    Now we're getting somewhere.

    karl rove as deputy chief of staff

    The AP reported that Karl Rove, who I found on Satan's friendster list between Condi and Rush, has been appointed White House Deputy Chief of Staff. A position that involves actual policy, a frightening thought. Bush said, "Karl Rove is a longtime adviser and trusted member of my team," and we all know what that means. This just goes to prove that you don't need to know that much about White House policy to get a cushy position in the West Wing, you just have to get on the good side of a man who will probably be allot dumber than you anyway.

    why i beleive in dean

    Today, Howard Dean is the sole candidate for the DNC Chair. Thank God. We need a Chairman for the Democratic Party who is actually a Democrat. We need a candidate who lead us to the left, not the middle, because the middle is not a winning position. The 2006 elections are just around the corner, these are critical elections that will decide the future of the Party and most importantly, the future of our nation. Terry McAuliffe is not the right person to lead the uphill battles which will be fought to win back the House and the Senate. Howard Dean is and he will make the Democratic Party, Democratic again.

    Monday, February 07, 2005


    A tribute to all the good, and even the horrible Super Bowl commercials.
    The war in Iraq: $250 billion
    Inaugural balls, food, airfare, hotel rooms, gold watches, world-class chocolate and noise makers: $40 million
    Destroying future generation's chance at any kind of a financially sound future: priceless
    There are a lot of stupid things money can buy, for everything else, there is President Bush.

    Now that all posts are old and moldy, you're more than welcome to steal what you want. Email me

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