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    Saturday, February 05, 2005

    presidential hopefuls already hoping

    The AP is reporting that several people, including John Edwards, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain are kind of, sort of in the spotlight for the 2008 Presidential election. But who is a realistic candidate? Edwards? Maybe. His "good Southern boy" appeal is irresistible but the RNC is going to blow him eight ways from Sunday with their idiotic "frivolous lawsuit" crap. Next up is Barbara Boxer, a good choice. She's compassionately liberal and compassion is a winning game. However, one must beg the question, "is she ready?" Who the hell knows! Now Hillary Clinton is always good idea! Other than having an already large group of "Hillary haters", she has certainly got a chance and might be a shoe-in for candidacy. The next name is a weird's John McCain, the Republican Party's greatest moderate. How could he win? The Republicans wouldn't go for it (he's not conservative enough) and he would have to join the DNC now to get nominated for the Democratic candidate in 2100. One name not on the list is Barack Obama. I think he would make a great candidate with the exception of having a little less experience than preferred. What do you think?

    strengthening social security

    From perpetually sarcastic Ljly:
    First off, if we want to strengthen Social Security, we have got to turn all of the money in Social Security over to Wall Street! There, corporate America can walk all over our retirement hopes. Once they've has gotten hold of everybody's future (with the exception of the rich because they've got their tax breaks anyway!), they can do whatever they want which will most likely involve some kind of corruption that will suck out all of the SS money! Hope you aren't planning on retiring somewhere nice you're sure not going to be able to pay for it once Bush has had a go at it!

    Friday, February 04, 2005

    crunching the numbers

    The White House is expected to request $80 billion for fighting the war in Iraq. Damn. That's a lot of money...and where the hell will we get it? Maybe if we cut down on education, Medicare and just blow Social Security to hell, then carry the one...we could do it! What's that you say? Cut down on those luxuries like the $40 million Bush spent on inaugural celebrations, that yacht he might buy and roll back tax cuts? What kind of Communist are you!?
    Sarcastically yours,

    kinky friedman to run for texas governor

    As the Express-News reports:
    With equal parts of irreverence and sincerity, colorful Texas humorist Richard "Kinky" Friedman formally announced his 2006 campaign for governor early Thursday morning in front of the Alamo.
    Yes, that's right, Kinky Friedman is running for governor. So you're probably wondering where he stands on the issues...
    Friedman said as governor, he would like to create a Texas Peace Corps, legalize casino gambling to fund public schools, outlaw cat declawing and appoint a board to review death penalty cases.
    That doesn't sound so bad. Check out his campaign site:

    Thursday, February 03, 2005

    "war is fun!"

    A General Mattis of the US Army claimed that war is fun! Oh yes, the blood, the violence, the murder, the atrocities! That's just a damn good time! If only those anti-war hippies would realize that war is so much fun! So what if one thousand soldiers died! The rest of them must be having a ball!
    BBC News reports...

    Wednesday, February 02, 2005

    "frivolous asbestos claims"

    8:43 Want to end tyranny? Why not start with Saudi Arabia. Oh yeah, you're their friend.
    8:56 "Freedom in Iraq will make America safer for years to come!" How, I don't know!
    8:56 "We are in Iraq to achieve a goal!" Get more oil!
    8:57 "Our soldiers will return from Iraq with the honor they reserve!" Unless in a casket, then we can't even see them.
    Subject Note: So I guess asbetos won't give you cancer anymore!

    state of the onion, i mean union

    8:12 "What will be the state of their [the children's] nation?" Crappy if you don't save education, the economy and Social Security.
    8:12 Did he say "prostituted" corporate criminals? So that's what happened to those Enron guys!
    8:16 "Justice is distorted..." you can say that again!!!
    8:18 "Environmentally responsible energy" why did Dick Cheney laugh when he heard that?
    8:27 "Our children's retirement policy is more important than partisan politics" but not corporate America.
    8:28 Hey! Nice to see Barack!
    8:29 Now for the commercial on how he is going to screw us on Social Security!
    8:31 KEEP YOUR SEATS!!!
    8:32 Now for Dubya the bigot!
    8:41 Another "nukular"!

    al jazeera fell for it

    BBC News reports:

    Dragon Models USA said the figure in the picture, posted on a website used by Islamic groups, resembles "Cody", an action toy based on US special forces.

    This isn't that funny, but what's strange is that, apparently, al-Jazeera took this hoax seriously, showing the video tape on live television. I would expect that from Fox or even CNN but not al-Jazeera.

    Photo from AP

    Tuesday, February 01, 2005

    sinclair reporting!

    Tonight on Sinclair Broadcast Groups, "The Point"...
    Nancy Pelosi and her secret membership to the Communist Party! How one powerful liberal plans to brainwash America with anti-American, Hanoi Jane propaganda, like how George Bush allegedly "lied" to the world! This after footage of John Kerry beating up an injured WWII veteran!
    All brought to you by the Sinclair Broadcast Group!

    Sarcastically yours,

    Read this MMFA piece, Sinclair caught in another lie!

    state of the nation: crappy!

    Tomorrow night, Dubya will stand before the nation to tell us what about the alleged "progress" that our country is making and how great of a president he is. However, what you will hear tomorrow will not be the real state of the nation. If he stood before the Congress and told the truth about America and the depressing state which we are in, he would most certainly be booed off stage. Besides, why would he tell the truth? There is no reason for him to be proud of destroying our nations budget leaving future generations an enormous debt. There is no reason for him to speak of the +1200 troops that have been killed in a war of his fabrication. Don't expect him to mention the under funded schools, left in academic ruin due to the worthless "No Child Left Behind Act". He won't discuss the unemployment rate and how he is doing nothing to prevent it from rising. And he won't speak of his plans to destroy Social Security. I can tell you right now what the state of our nation is, crappy!

    Monday, January 31, 2005

    letter from "daddy z"

    "Daddy Z", a reader wrote me this email. I thought it was humorous so I watered it down and decided to post it. I just have one question for this reader, who are you? Ali G or something?

    Check it! I was readin' da paper and found this stuff 'bout how ders' gonna be dis global heatin' thing goin' down by 2026 or somn'. It boders' me dat' da tempature is gonna drop like Dubya's approval ratin' (Editor's note: burn!). What's gonna happen to Santa Claus and da' penguins? Come on now! It might be kinda' nice for da' hommies around Canada and South Africa to be able to grow oranges and get fresh juice and stuff, but what bout' da sea level risin' n' stuff. Dat's not cool. So, I wanna tell all your readers out der' they can read about dis' messed up crap here.

    iraqis partay after election

    They now how to partay after an election. A little zurle playin' and dancing.

    Wish I could get that excited about election day. I guess its the three hour lines and malfunctioning computers that suck the fun out of American voting.

    Photos from Staff Sgt. Chad McMeen of the US Marines (via Reuters) and Sasa Kralj of the AP
    Posted by Hello

    Sunday, January 30, 2005

    Yay! Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

    pushing paper

    I was watching coverage of the Iraqi elections over the internet and there was a reporter talking about the voting process. He mentioned that they get to use paper ballots and then I got to thinking. Why do they get to use paper ballots when we're stuck with some computers that often break down and aren't secure? I thought they where the third world country! Why do they get a close to fair election when we are stuck with an obviously corrupt one! Next time I vote, I'm voting in Iraq, at least me ballot will be counted.


    Is it just me, or does it seem that Bush is using Just for Men or some kind of hair dye? Is this how the RNC is marketing to young voters or is just his way of boosting his ego? I know it's completely irrelevant but I thought something was up when I saw him on TV this morning. Weird.

    what country should we invade next?

    In a few minutes, President Bush will be giving a speech on the Iraq election. Don't worry about missing it live, I'm sure Rush will be playing it throughout his show Monday, Tuesday and on into infinity while he declares a success for the Republicans. I'm not going to watch the President for his views on the Iraq elections, no! I'm tuning in to see what's next! Iran, Syria, or maybe, just maybe, North Korea! It's great that Iraq had a free and allegedly fair election but that's in the past, now we are moving on to another defenseless country to spread our American empire!
    Sarcastically yours,

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