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    Friday, April 15, 2005

    Where Are The Democrats???

    Crossposted at

    While Republicans have been pushing to change the way "checks and balances" are supposed to work (remember that from your 3rd Grade Social Studies class?), non-supporters have been working quickly and quietly to make sure those checks and balances remain in place.

    One such effort came from the Alliance for Justice, who created a simple animation designed to teach the public about what's happening without resorting to empassioned, heartstring tugging. It is reminiscent of SchoolHouse Rock's "I'm Just A Bill", but without the catchy tune. Check out the animation here at If Alliance for Justice had even a fraction of the money the Democratic party has, it could get this animation out to hundreds of thousands, if not millions more people.

    The problem is that the Democratic party needs to step up to the plate and fight just as dirty and Republicans do. The GOP got bitchslapped by the public for Tom DeLay's antics, for getting too involved in Terri Schiavo, for Cornyn's apparent endorsement of violence against judges. Dems need to get off their asses and get to work here. The GOP platform is cracking under the strain of egos clamoring for the top of the popularity pyramid and are resorting to slaughtering off the wounded. Where are the Dems to show a united front, all working together to make sure the public's interests are taken care of and educating those who still haven't heard what morons these people are being?

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