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    Sunday, March 20, 2005

    Today I'll Be Your Server

    Just a brief note of introduction: I'm PSoTD, and Ljly asked me to hang out a bit here today with a few posts. This is the first time anyone's asked me to help out like this, thanks Ljly, I appreciate the invite!

    I'm going to start with a bit of a reprint from a few months ago, but it's timely, since Congress bamboozled the news media into dominating the news with their coverage of steroids in baseball this past week...

    How many times does major league baseball have to prove that it does not deserve separate treatment from government than other professional sports leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, NHL...

    I'm sick of politicians using the exemption as a crowbar to get baseball to do what it should. Why? Because baseball has been in the position now, for years, of waiting for political pressure before doing things right by their customers. It's a dance by the players and the owners. We saw it with the strikes, we saw it with the "contraction issue", and we see it today with the issue of steroids. They want Congress to serve as the arbiter of their disagreements. I, for one, am sick of that.

    You know what Congress is? It is the de facto Commissioner of Baseball on these issues. The owners and the players don't have to compromise, they know they can wait until Congress rings the bell before coming to class to work things out. The antitrust exemption destroys any chance of having a strong Commissioner of Baseball anymore, because of how the process works.

    Either get rid of the antitrust exemption for Major League Baseball, or give it to any professional sport that comes down the pike.

    And another thing - the news media has to be smarter about how they cover these issues. Everytime Congress drags major league baseball in front of committee, ESPN and the sports shows cover them, which makes sense. But it's like it is a challenge to CNN and MSNBC and other cable news outlets - they feel they have to cover the same event in almost as full of detail. It happened during the contraction issue a few years ago, and it happened last week.

    Congress knows this. They are completely playing the media for photo ops. The news media has to quit being stupid or complicit or both on these matters. There are more important news stories out there.

    Now that all posts are old and moldy, you're more than welcome to steal what you want. Email me

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