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    Thursday, March 24, 2005

    a democracy, in theory

    Oh what a fascist state this nation is becoming! However, all signs of democracy have not been lost as prisoners of war held at Guantanamo Bay are now actually getting trials. Who would have thought that people would get trials in a democracy? As the NY Times reports...
    A 30-year-old Sudanese prisoner listened with barely concealed anger on Tuesday and slouched deeper into his seat as an Air Force officer told a military panel why the man remained a threat to the United States and should not be released from the prison camp here.
    A step in the right direction, but wait, there's more!
    The prisoner never heard some of the evidence against him because it was deemed classified and was given to the court in secret. He disputed some of the charges, such as that he had participated in a prison riot in Afghanistan, and argued that it was legal for him to have traveled there.
    That's right, we may be having trials but they seem to be rather crooked to me! Okay, sure, he's a terrorist (seems like something for a court to decide) but if we are going to start spreading democracy and justice, we should apply it to everyone (if we did that though, Dubya wouldn't have a job). I'm sure someone like Rush would assert that anyone who wants suspected terrorists to have trials is a traitor, but if you're really an American, you would firmly belive in each in every persons right to a swift and just trial, whether they are a citizen or not. So now can I just say that Dubya and all his other cronies are fascists?

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